1. thechrisgethardshow:


  3. Upworthy revolutionizing stand-up at last night’s CH Live (at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre)

  6. The Majestic Teton Range

  7. heller:

    S: What’s your dream?

    R: Everybody comes here; this is Hollywood, land of dreams.

    J: I dream of a Hollywood free of people who came to Hollywood to pursue their dreams.

  8. ~sHoOt FoR tHe BeAr; YoU’lL lAnD aMoNgSt ThE sHaRkS~

    [Here’s some more BearShark pixel art for CollegeHumor’s BearShark: The Game! on Nintendo 3DS]

  9. My brother recorded his sneak-attack proposal, but didn’t even GIF it, so it’s like it never happened. Just wanted to make it official.

  10. it8bit:

    Lord of the Rings x Super Mario World

    Artist note: I put a walking path in here, but we all know that one does not simply walk into Mordor. I managed to to fit Barad-dur, Mount Doom, and the nine Nazgul, but ran out of room for The Black Gate.

    Created by 
    Alex Griendling 

    Website || Twitter || Tumblr

    Schnikes, this is awesome.

  11. 8-bit Enterprise

  12. Alternate 8-bit poster design.

  13. Real excited about this! The 8-bit gif poster I made is live on the official Star Trek Into Darkness app

  14. QR Roulette

    Scan for a random original GIF! I redesigned my homepage and this is my favorite part.

    This kid is so happy that he forgot how to smile the right way. He’s trying to remember how he used to smile, but it doesn’t even matter because everything’s different now. He’s a cat owner now, a TV owner. Don’t even get him started on that horse book. His life changed in an instant!

  15. Panorama of Salt Lake city from the Utah State Capitol.