1. What’d you think? You just get to skip half the game and nobody gets hurt?

    Mario Prestige is a shirt over at the Cracked Dispensary, so you can wear your moral dilemma on your sleeve!

    [Original concept by Greg Welsh]

  2. Storm over the Cathedral Group

  3. It’s hard not to take this personally

  4. bustedtees:

    USMNT! After the game we can all get pizza. Available here

    New BT! “Topical!”

  5. (Source: beardgif)

  6. at Denver International Airport

  7. thechrisgethardshow:


  9. Upworthy revolutionizing stand-up at last night’s CH Live (at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre)

  12. The Majestic Teton Range

  13. heller:

    S: What’s your dream?

    R: Everybody comes here; this is Hollywood, land of dreams.

    J: I dream of a Hollywood free of people who came to Hollywood to pursue their dreams.

  14. ~sHoOt FoR tHe BeAr; YoU’lL lAnD aMoNgSt ThE sHaRkS~

    [Here’s some more BearShark pixel art for CollegeHumor’s BearShark: The Game! on Nintendo 3DS]

  15. My brother recorded his sneak-attack proposal, but didn’t even GIF it, so it’s like it never happened. Just wanted to make it official.